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Detox and Essential Oils:

A Comprehensive Health and Wellness System

In keeping with the healing benefits of a whole-body approach in the treatment of your mental and physical health, I offer two tandem but separate services; Detoxification and Essential Oil treatments.  Both provide the healing benefits of eliminating toxins from within the body.  

Fara Murata, LCSW
Psychotherapist and Functional Nutrition Coach

Why Detox?

Our environment is filled with toxins. We breathe toxins, put a variety of beauty products on our bodies, and consume foods sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. These toxins interfere with our health in a variety of ways. Some toxins act as endocrine disruptors that mimic hormones and others clog our lymphatic system which can make us sick.

In today’s world, we are exposed to the most toxic food in the history of our planet. Our air contains the residues from plastics, petrochemicals, and pesticides that block cell receptor sites and hormone utilization.

I have spent years studying different ways to “detox” the body and improve our health. I believe we can achieve an improved sense of well-being when our bodies are detoxified naturally and have a lessened toxic load.

Rid Your Body From Toxins and Heal

To combat the effects of toxic overload and to improve overall wellness, I provide detoxification services and products for my clients. I use the * IonCleanse Total Body Detoxification System in my practice.  https://www.amajordifference.com/    

A popular treatment is the IonCleanse foot bath. It provides an efficient way to maintain high energy levels and long term wellness when combined with a healthy lifestyle and stress management. 

The Detox Benefits

Research shows that the use of IonCleanse foot bath reduces the toxic burden of mercury, glyphosate, aluminum, cadmium, lead, mold, and more.

You can expect to have a greater sense of calm, a better and deeper sleep, reduced brain fog, and improved overall wellness.
Improved endocrine and lymphatic systems to provide more energy and help balance thyroid, adrenals, and organ function.

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Essential Oils Provide
Therapeutically and Daily Use Benefits

Why Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracts from the roots, flowers, seeds or bark of many plants. The natural concentrated chemical compounds found inside many plants are distilled and prepared as essential oils. The natural constituents vary for every essential oil. The distinct aroma, use, and benefits of the oil provide many options for users to improve their health and well-being.

An Alternative to Synthetic Chemicals and Toxin Filled Products

Proper exercise, nutrition, and stress management seem to be the main focus for those looking to improve their lifestyles, but there is a huge iceberg beneath the body's surface that takes more than 30 days of dieting and exercise to mend. Your health heals from the inside out, so flushing out those nasty toxins needs to be a priority. 

Beauty and Personal Products are Loaded with Chemical

The average woman applies 551 chemicals to her body during her daily routine! That was so shocking to me that I started making my own products to reduce the  "toxic load" for myself and family. Your hair, skin, and nails deserve better care.

Children are not safe from chemicals either

A recent study reported that over 200 chemicals were found in the newborn’s umbilical cord blood.  200! This is shocking because those chemicals pass from the mother to the baby. Essential Oils are safe for children and beneficial during pregnancy.

Poor Nutrition and Bad Eating Habits Effect Digestion and the Gut

The use of select essential oils, natural supplements, GI cleansing, and healthy cooking products can all help restore your overall improved nutrition.

Essential Oils Can Be Infused, Applied Topically, or Ingested

The daily and therapeutic applications of essential oils make for a variety of healthy ways to boost your overall wellness. 

    • Aromatic benefits - releases tension, promotes a soothing environment for sleep or anxious moments
    • Topical benefits - apply to most body parts (not eyes, nose or ears), improves skin tone, or add to your bath to soothe soreness, use during a massage or after a detox session
    • Ingested benefits - put in recipes or prepared food for added flavor or add to water to reap the specific oils beneficial properties




Which Oils Should I Use?

  • Essential oils are safe for adults and children.

However, the quality of oil does matter. That's why I've chosen to use Young Living products. Young Living Essential Oil is the only company with Seed to Seal quality control. Feel confident with the quality of these oils because of the extensive testing it provides throughout the distilling process. ( https://www.youngliving.com )


  • Get an iTOVi Scan Report.

Fara uses an iTOVi mobile scanner to determine the best essential oils her clients may need to obtain optimal health. The scanner identifies the electrical conductivity of the skin to specific stimuli. These changes are ranked in your personalized report and provide the types of oils most suited to your needs.  New scan updates allow for ongoing communication and changes.  

Let’s Discover the Best Oils to Meet Your Needs.

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IonCleanse by AMD is not a medical device. It is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or ailment.

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