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Fara is a knowledgeable, activating speaker who uses and shares her 20 years of experience to educate and inspire individuals to take action. All seminars are customized for target audiences.

Fara’s desire is to educate attendees on the connection between nutrition and mental health, behavior and physical health. Attendees find the classes informative and rewarding.

The goal of every class is to give helpful, useable information that will bring about health and wellness.

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Keynote Topics


Feeding Good Behavior

This seminar is Fara’s most requested seminar. It is good for parents, foster parents, early childhood programs, and anyone that would like to learn more about the connection between food and mood.

Feeding Good Behavior takes a look at how food can improve or decline behavior. You will be educated on what food improves mood and behavior, and how it works in the brain. Great recipe ideas are given and you will learn how to eat healthy on a budget.

Immune Health Through Nutrition and Essential Oils

So many of us have compromised immune systems due to poor diet and bad habits. Learn how eating right, getting enough sleep and learning to de-stress can improve your immune system. Become educated on how essential oils can improve and support immune health.

“Thank you for the energy and efforts you put into preparing and for the level of expertise you delivered the information with. It was interesting, compelling, insightful and personally adaptive. It really was good and actually “fun”.
Mike M.

“I am so excited to implement new habits within my family. We have been pretty good at eating healthily, but to be more purposeful in my snacks and paying closer attention to my toddler’s behavior after eating will be so helpful! I’ve learned to be better about not always offering sugar as a reward with my kids.”
Erin Marine

Digestive Health Through Nutrition and Essential Oils

Understanding how digestive health contributes to many known illnesses will motivate you to improve your eating habits. Learn key information about how the right food can heal the gut and improve function. Learn how essential oils can provide healing and restoration of digestive problems.

Feeding the Brain: Give Your Children a Head Start at School

When our children are in school, it is very important to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need to have peak performance. This seminar will educate you on how to plan and prepare healthy meals during a busy time of year. Set your kids up for success by understanding what food is best to feed their brain.

“I appreciate Fara’s insight into the connection between brain health and behavior through diet. It’s clear that she has researched this topic thoroughly. As a therapist, mother and grandmother she regularly witnesses the affects of poor brain health and good brain health. I was inspired to examine my own diet and use some of her simple ideas.”

“Ms. Murata’s seminar on Feeding the Brain, was highly informative. Knowing which foods to eat, and the benefit achieved, is great information for anyone hoping to regain control of their health, energy and emotions. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone was wants to understand how what you eat effect the whole you.”

Feeding Good Behavior in Traumatized Children

This class is similar to Feeding Good Behavior with special consideration given to the traumatized brain.

It is good for anyone that cares for children that have experienced abuse, been placed into foster care, lost a parent, or any other type of trauma.

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More Praise for Fara

“Loved discussing how behavior and eating habits are correlated; making good food choices to prevent blood sugar drops.”

“Very helpful and informative, thanks for the tips. Great reminders; I had no idea how much eating affects behavior!”
Lindsey Bailey

“Great information! So helpful for thinking about how what kids eat influences their behavior.­”
Lyn C

“I love the ideas. It really helps me realize how simple nutrition can be, and how to incorporate it in a busy lifestyle.”
Savanah Lozano

“I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot of information that I didn’t know. Thank you.”

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