"I have been dealing with anxiety and sought Fara’s help, because I wanted to treat my issues naturally and address the cause of these feelings. Fara is proactive in evaluating supplements, adjusting based on my symptoms, and is really invested in helping me make lifestyle changes that will get/keep me healthy physically and mentally.

She talks to me about diet, supplements, and overall mental and spiritual well-being. She checks in with me frequently and listens to me without making me feel judged. She continually looks for new natural products and stays current with medical information that may help."

- Luke F., AK

"Four years ago my family was faced with a horrible situation that left my little girl a victim of trauma and abuse. I immediately sought therapy for her. I interviewed numerous therapists and nobody felt like the right fit until I interviewed Fara Murata. We are so blessed to have found Fara. Thank God we found her.

She has taught my daughter how to heal and become a strong young lady with a voice that speaks loudly to protect herself, her body and her conscience. Fara also has helped me throughout these last four years to become a stronger, better mom.

I can't thank her enough. We will forever love her. Thank you to our Fara. I can't imagine going through this without her."

- Sarah R., CO

“After struggling in our relationship with our teen, my husband and I decided we needed family counseling. Fara was very insightful and helpful in diagnosing our child. There were a few neurological issues we had not picked up on, and she recognized and pin pointed them immediately.

Her referral to the appropriate program changed our child’s life. Fara also used her knowledge of nutrition and counseling to resolve anxiety issues with our other child. We are so grateful for her wisdom, insight, and honesty in helping us figure out why we were struggling.

Today, we have a stronger and better relationship with our children than we could have ever had without her help! She has made a huge difference in our family!”

- KR

"We have been seeing Fara for several months regarding our 14 year old son who struggles with a mood disorder, social challenges and making poor choices in the community and at school. Fara always saw us as a family and listened intently to our difficulties/needs each week.

She has a wealth of ideas for resources, alternate therapies including spiritual discernment, nutritional enhancements, parenting tips, and information on the brain. Her strategies/ideas were easy to put into practice. This helped give us hope that things would improve and we could grow to trust our son again.

As we continue on our journey with our son, we are thankful that Fara will be available to help guide us in navigating his teen years. "

- Karen C.

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